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Indonesia tomorrow!

I am SO out of this world excited. I’m almost certain I’ve forgotten 90% of the important things I need…but  squeezed my travel yoga mat into my suitcase…so at least my priorities are in order!

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Kinan’s house at 9 am and we’re going to the airport from there. Queue 20 hour travel day! I’ve got hours of audiobooks and podcasts as well as lots of music.

I am excited, nervous and overall feeling SO ready to jet out of Canada for a good , long while and see some different ways of life- especially before school starts again. Of course I’ll be photo documenting and updating when I can, But sadly I wont have the opportunity to sit and answer many questions! 

So excited, sending you all love and light and I can’t wait to exchange adventure stories with everyone once I’m back on canadian soil!


SO much endless love to you all!

(OH, and if anyone has any tips on how to survive a 20 hour plane comfortable, let me know? )

Hi there! I've been wanting to get into yoga for a long time now, but I just don't know where to start. I know there are different forms of yoga, so I guess I'm asking where should I start as a beginner? I'm not flexible at all, but I would like to change that. I would love a yoga that helps me find my inner peace. Also what type of yoga mat should I get? I'm 5'9 so I might need an extra long one. Id also love to have a an Eco-friendly mat, but I'm not sure if those last long? Thanks 4 any help!

Asked by Anonymous

Hi there anon!

Yay you for getting into yoga! What an adventure!

I have tons of info that could be helpful for you on HEREIt’s a lot more detailed than I could get into on a short answer( as much as I’d like to!)

Yoga mats are lots of fun to learn about. The kind of mat you get depends on you and what you want out of it. For hot yoga, I ONLY use “The Mat” by lululemon. While not eco-friendly, it’s stick as nothing else and I LOVE it for very hot classes. I’ve never needed a towel with my lululemon mat. They last forever, come in great colors and have wonderful thickness to cushion joints and bones.They are around 70$

An excellent eco-friendly mat that’s great for most forms of yoga is the Jade mat. Again, they have a nice thickness, and a cool ” open cell technology” which is due to the natural rubber they are made for. BUT this makes them tricky to clean! They come in pretty colors, are bio-degradable and have the perfect amount of stick, but are still flexible enough to give you a little wiggle room. As far as how long they last, it depends on well you take care of it, but most people get a few years of hard practice out of these ones! They are about 77$.

Manduka has a nice eco-friendly mat, that I can’t personally vouch for, but I’ve heard good things. They can be used for hot yoga as well, and though not as sticky as a lululemon, thet last a long time and are well made. However, the eco-friendly ones are quite thin, which may not be fantastic for your first mat. They go for around 75$.

5’9 is a wonderful height that 99.9% of all regular mats will accomodate. My mom is 5’10 and practices on manduka, jade and lulu mats and has never had a problem. My dad is 6’3 and uses a lululemon!

Way to go, love. I would love an update on how your doind, if it ever strikes your fancy to let me know!


Namaste, soul sister!


Hi, I was wondering if you think it would be safe to exercise outside when it is above 99 degreees? I usually ride my bike a few miles every morning but it is going to be very hot out this week. Should I try to push through it or find something to do inside?

Asked by Anonymous

Hey anon!

Wowee, 90 degrees is SMOKIN! I thnk that gentle exercise outside in that kind of weather is just fine, as long as you are being diligent with hydrating yourself and listening to your body very carefully. If you are too uncomfortable, it’s not worth it! 

It sounds like the perfect time to branch out! If I were you, I would explore swimming or ice climbing. :)

Sweetness to your tuesday!


For a long time I've been on a binge restrict cylcle but now I'm eating according to my hunger do you have any tips for eating what/how much the body wants and not misreading it because of past restriction

Asked by Anonymous

:) YAY! I am SO proud of you! And, deeply happy that you’re learning how to treat your body with love and respect- and in return- how wonderfully your body reacts!

It’s a long, hard journey of discovery, trial and error, growth and courage, but you are slaying the beast that has hunted you in the past, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed for you. 

Keep being a strong, wonderful, powerful student of your body, health and the universe, my love. I am so, SO happy!


light and love


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