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In Bandung, the easiest and most common way to get around on the VERY hazardous roadways is via motor bike. But they are completely unregulated- walking near the streets becomes a game of Frogger. #bandung #travel #nottoworrymom

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Hi there! Me again haha! I was just wondering what exact brand you use for vitamins for hair skin and nails? :) I'm from Ontario so I'm assuming id be able to find the same thing? :) Thanks! :)

Hello again! Whereabouts in Ontario? I’m from Bradford wayyyy back when, and love the homeland :)
For skin, I only use nutiva coconut oil, extra Virgin, cold pressed, unrefined. If I get a blemish, I’ll use Sage tea tree oil blemish blend, but tea tree oil works just as well.
For hair, I use the Rocky Mountain soap company lavender vanilla shampoo and conditioner-it’s wonderful. I’ll also rub a bit of coconut oil on the ends to prevent breaking.
As for vitamins, I use natures bounty for a multivitamin and the hair, skin and nails one I take!
I hope you don’t mind if I post this publicly, I have a few questions about this!
Light and love, soul sister!

Thank you for being so kind. I am glad that people like you exist.

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The feeling is mutual, soul sister. It takes a community to create kindness, and you are a part of that.

Namaste, soul sister!

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I think your yoga and running progress is really inspiring, your blog is beautiful, and you're one of my favorite people on tumblr. I check your blog pretty regularly and you're always really kind to your followers so I just wanted to return the favor. Hope you have an awesome day!

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Oh, thank you so much, darling. I love hearing kindness like this, it really makes me feel like the words I write have some good influence, which is exactly why I write them! If one single person can reep benefit from my story and experiences, then I think that this blog has done it’s job.
I’m so glad you enjoy it.
Love and light!

Hello, beautiful friend! I want to know your opinion on something. I'm looking around yoga journal dotcom, I'm sure you're familiar with it(?). I'm wondering if you could guide me on really how I would best use it being a beginner and for at home use. There are so many poses laid out in specific categories which is great, but also a tad confusing when I want to target so many areas. Also, youtube channels; again, there are so many I don't know where to begin! please help!:)

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Hey love! I wish I was, but sadly I am not familiar with this site! The majority of my practice aNd yoga education has come from an instructor in class, so my dabbling on the Internet I don’t have a lot of experience in!
Can anyone help answer this question?
:) sorry, my sweet!

4) When you are awake, wander around & stretch your legs & back. 5) Bring a small pillow if your neck/lower back gets sore, the ones they provide are not great! 6) You don't have to eat plane food, so bring snacks! Also if you are on a late night flight, they will often serve "dinner"- if you don't feel like eating, don't! 8) When you get there, try and stay awake the whole day (this is why changing your body clock before helps). I tend to have a quick nap but otherwise adjust on the same day.

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Thanks for the tips, friend! They certainly came in handy surviving that flight! And now, only to survive the flight back…

Saw your post about your trip, that's sounds absolutely awesome! Any who, my questions is; I'm looking to start doing yoga, so I was wondering if you knew of any websites or things like that, that offer tutorials or follow alongs to do from home.

Hey love! Sorry for my brief answer! Wifi is… Iffy here check out yoga glo! It’s an awesome site with great instruction and it gives you a great jumping off point!
Light and love

What's your Instagram? And where are you, If you don't mind me asking? I saw the picture of you by the pool! Looks beautiful!

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Hello there! I thought I answered this already, but I guess not!
Veeyogi777 is my Instagram! And I am currently in Indonesia!

Hello! :) I'm just wondering if you know of any good videos for beginners yoga? :) I really like practicing at home but I wanna make sure I'm following the proper stuff :) Thanks! :)

Hey love! Check out yoga glo! It’s a fantastic site for all levels and the instruction is really wonderful quality!
I hope you like it! :)

Hi Vee! I read your "My Story" page and I found that our stories were actually so similar; when I went to university I had a good 1st year and a really awful 2nd one that lead me to developing unhealthy habits to cope with the stress of school. You said you moved back home, but did you ever go back to school, or if not are you planning to? Sorry if this has already been asked/answered! Just curious. (I'm about to enter my 3rd year and I hope I'm not going to return to those unhealthy habits. :S)

Hey love! Sorry for my brief answer here, I am currently in a part of the world where wifi is iffy.
I did infact go back to school! I was actually taking a class through out my recovery as well, and working part time, but the majority of my energy was dedicated to recovery. But after I was steadier on my feet, about a year into recovery, I went back to school full time.
Love to my, my sweet. I’m wishing you all the best on your journey, and I have you in my thoughts. :)